Leaders of Athens

Session One

There are some problems in the area. The council has established itself, but not everyone is pleased by this. What are these supernatural leaders to do? Well…

Chey told the Spring Court leader not to assassinate her and that she knows what she is up to. The spring court pretended to know nothing about this.

They were informed of the various groups that are not a part of the council.
Chey is an arsonist.
Council meetings are at midnight on Fridays. Everyone brings bodyguard. Especially Auds who brings herself.
Ben shares that Taskforce Valkyrie is working on a new weapon.
Debated sending someone in to steal a prototype?
One of Auds’ clones is james bonding around the meeting circle.
Chey shares that Taskforce Valkyrie is ok with Changelings, and that the Arcana is up to something.
Ben entrances a member of taskforce valkyrie and convinces her to bring you the blood of the cobra.
Audrey retrieves some of the liquid, presumably blood of the cobra.

The girl and a taskforce go into Gamertsfelter.

Everyone discovers what Blood of the Cobra does. They are less than pleased.

Pirate map shows where they are! They neutralize it with madness and magic.

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