Quentin Meyers


Aliases: Quentin Bonebreaker

Quote: “I’m not sure… Can we hit it?”

Background: Taken at the tender age of 15, Quentin was the star quarterback of his school. He was forced into a darker sport while in Arcadia, we assume it was some variation on the gladiatorial combat so many other Ogres are forced to endure. When he escaped he came out in Athens, and since he looked the right age, there he stayed.

Description: This gentleman makes you think of a scuttling lizard. He has slanted black eyes. His silky, curly, black hair is medium-length and is worn in an impractical, carefully-crafted style. He is short and has a wide-chested build. His skin is nut-brown. He has a crooked nose and a weak chin. His wardrobe is strange and complicated, with a lot of orange.

Major: Sports Management

Quentin Meyers

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