Bars and Hangouts

Common places in Athens for people to hang out

Pyramids- hookah lounge.

Casa- classy Mexican restaurant

Jackie O’s- classy pub

Shade Winery- Micro winery

The Pigskin- Sports bar

The Smiling Skull- faux biker bar

Broneys- Bar and grill

Bunch of Grapes- Tavern

Cat’s Den- Sketchy bar

Cat’s Eye Saloon- Sports bar

Lakeview Tavern-

Lucky’s- Sketchyyyy sports bar

Red Brick- Sportsy bar

The Crystal- Underaged bar

The J Bar- Bro/Townie bar Older students

The Mine- Nelsonville bar

Oakroom Bar and Grill

The Union- Popular bar

Tony’s Tavern-

The Wizard’s Guild- Card and Comic Shop

Bars and Hangouts

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