Creating My Character

Hey! So you’ve decided to join this game here, and you’re bored or something so you want to create a character! That’s super cool and I like it. Don’t worry, no massive questionaire this time, just a few basic things. I trust you all to make legit characters.

You have 500 xp to spend, please keep track of xp expenditures so I can see what you’ve done. This is as simple as “2 1 dot merits, 4 xp” "5th dot Athletics 15xp’ I don’t care how specific you are, I just want a general idea of what you’ve spent your points on.

Then I want a background. How did you become a supernatural, what have you done since your supernatural awakening. How did you become a leader? Just a paragraph or two will do, but more is welcome.

Then create your 5 buddies. Between them you get 600 xp, so if you divide it evenly it will be 120 each. They do not have to be the same kind of supernatural as you but if you want them to be a spy in a different organization you must take the merit described in New Rules. Describe what they do in your organization and how they know you. I don’t need much here, just a brief description. BEWARE: If you spend 600 xp on one of the characters and leave the other ones at 0 xp I will make that person secretly out to get you. Don’t do it.

If you don’t want to make all 5 of your friends, which is fine, it is a pain in the ass, just tell me the basics of what kind of friends you want and I’ll make them up for you.

Creating My Character

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