New Rules


1-5 dots. You have a spy in another group, be it your rivals or another group of supernaturals. You may take this merit as many times as you would like, but you must choose a new group every time. Do not post this information on your character page, pretend it is resources or allies or something else, and tell me that you intend to take it. 1 dot spies are not very well hidden or very high in the ranks, 5 dot spies are high in the ranks and not many people suspect them.


1-5 dots. You have an advisor in an area of your choice. This person tells you about things in that subject. Intrigue, economics, and politics are some of the recommended areas where you might have an advisor, but any area is open.

Supernatural Enmity

Non-player characters of a certain supernatural group are not fans of you and will actively oppose you if possible. Player characters may choose to obey this if they wish.

New Rules

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