Number of Vampires in Athens: 125
Area: Athens, Hocking, and Vinton Counties
Headquarters: Church across the way from Chase Bank
Hangouts: The Union
History: The area used to be a lot more conservative, but the leader changed bloodlines, and now the older vampires are slightly resentful.

The Loyal

Those who follow the Prince are known as the Loyal, though not all of them are exceptionally so. They meet in a church across from the Courthouse in Athens. These constitute the majority of the vampires in the tri-county area, probably about 100.

The Revolutionaries

A small group of vampires, no more than 25, who are rumored to oppose the current Prince, saying he is unfit to lead such a large area. It is difficult to tell if they are merely a coterie of different vampires or if they really oppose the prince, but they are kept at arm’s length none the less.


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