Number of Werewolves in Athens: 75
Area: Athens, Hocking, and Vinton Counties
Hangouts: The Smiling Skull
History: The oldest packs have been in Athens for hundreds of years, the usual starting date is put about 1750. When the university was founded, the werewolves moved slightly out of the area to the parts that were still wooded. As the university has expanded, they have made there home largely in Wayne National Forest and its outskirts.

The Packs

There are a few packs in the area, the leaders being a pack that lives in strouds run. The rest are spread throughout Wayne National Forest and a few other wilderness areas in Athens They will come when the howl goes out, if it ever needs to.

The Tribes

These werewolves are out there, somewhere, no one knows where they are, but they are counted among the groups and whispered about, a strange scent on a tree, the corpse of a pup that wandered out too far, now ripped to shreds…


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