Welcome to Athens, a seemingly normal college town…

In this world of darkness, some places are darker than others. Even mortals know that Athens is a hotbed of ghost activity, but that is not all these old buildings hold. Vampires, Werewolves, Changelings, Geists, and even Mages have been known to rest here. They hold each other in a careful balance, each ensuring no other can gain more power than themselves. But they are not without enemies. Hunters, Immortals, Ghosts, and others do not approve of the supernatural coalition that exists within Athens. Some are calling for the Blooded Council to be torn down. Even within their own ranks, there are dissenters. Who do you turn to? Who can you trust? Who will betray you?

Why Athens?

Athens has more than it’s fair share of supernaturals. Part of this has to do with it being a college town. The transitory nature of college towns means no one questions you. As long as you look between the ages of 18 and 26, you’re considered normal, and even older is usually ok. You don’t have to explain where you get your money, people assume loans or parents, all you have to do is claim a hometown. Athens is also notorious for it’s partying scene, which allows for people to do their business unnoticed. Vampires don’t do much feeding to kill, but feeding alone is always a possibility on the drunken masses. Finally, there is tradition, Athens is scene as a historic town of supernaturals, and supernaturals are drawn to traditions and stories, especially ones about them.

Leaders of Athens

Ridges Seraphelle Auds Shinen Fromonger