Aliases: Aristotle, The Philosopher

Quote: “We can all learn from each other.”

Background: This mage claims to be ancient, having lived far beyond the normal life span of a mage, who do not live much longer than the average human. Still, he says he has been alive since Ancient Greece, or perhaps he means he has been reincarnated. No matter what story you believe, he is the ‘leader’ of The School, despite their aversion to leaders. He claims that anyone can teach anyone else something new, and he believes that we should all do our best to share our knowledge.

Description: This pensive man has deep-set iron-gray eyes. His silky, straight, very short hair is the color of alabaster, and is worn in an exotic style. He is tall and has a slender build. His skin is china-white. He has a pointed chin. His wardrobe is artistic and revealing, with a completely black color scheme.


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