Justin Kelley


Aliases: The Businessman

Quote: “Are you joking?”

Background: Taken in the 70’s, he used to be as hippie a they come. He doesn’t speak of what happened in Arcadia, but when he escaped he was enthralled by the modern businessman. He picked up on it, working to become it in every aspect. Today he is working toward his business degree, hoping to become a lawyer and getting good deals at every turn.

Description: This wise gentleman has slitted purple eyes that are like two windows on the evening sky. His luxurious, straight, blue hair is worn in a style that reminds you of an overused mop. He has a broad-shouldered build. His skin is dark. He has a large nose. His wardrobe is unusual and bizarre, with a lot of white and purple.

Major: Business Pre Law

Justin Kelley

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