Liliana Duke

Powerful mage of the School


Aliases: The Green Lady, The White Duchess

Quote: "I’ll see you later.’

Background: Liliana is old, far far older than she looks. She claims she has a spell that keeps her young, but no one else has discovered said spell to that effect. No one knows when or where she awakened, why she chose Athens to make her home, or why she enjoys tormenting people so much.

Description: This woman reminds you of a sneaky serpent. She has slitted white eyes. Her fine, wavy, white hair is medium-length and is worn in a dignified style. She is short and has a busty build. Her skin is ruddy. She has a wide chin. Her wardrobe is elegant and odd, with a mostly black and green color scheme.

Majors: Management and Strategic Leadership

Liliana Duke

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