Mallory Duncan

Bishop of the Chessmen


Aliases: The Rabbit

Quote: “Darling, it’s perfect…”

Background: She died of pneumonia. Not as exciting as murder or suicide, but just as deadly. She was young and not ready to go yet, so her soul sought out a spirit, and that spirit offered her a deal… Here she always trails off, never elaborating on what that deal is. There is speculation, of course, but she offers no other hints. Now she is a bishop in the Chessmen and enjoys her power, but never going so far as to abuse it. Just smacking it around a little.

Description: This lady puts you in mind of a savvy alley cat. She has wide eyes the color of blooming violets. Her fine, wavy, lemon-yellow hair is long and is worn in an attractive, weird style. She has a lean build. Her skin is white. She has bushy eyebrows and wide feet. Her wardrobe is sexy and plain, with a completely bllue and brown color scheme.

Mallory Duncan

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