Yvonne Finche

Elsewhere Coven Mage


Aliases: The Red Lady

Quote: Come here my pet.

Background: Awakened at the age of 18, just as she was coming to Ohio University, Yvonne found that she fit in quite well with the mages here. She has a flair for the dramatic, and quite an ego, but those who know her find it more endearing than infuriating. Usually. She says she awoke at midnight on Midsummer’s Day. She also says she was having an orgy. One never knows if she’s lying or if her life really is that spectacular. Her parents are French immigrants who now live in New York City.

Description: This generous woman has almond-shaped brown eyes that are like two patches of dried blood. Her silky, straight, short hair is the color of dying embers, and is worn in a weird style. She is tall and has an angular build. Her skin is deeply-tanned. She has hollow cheeks and thin eyebrows. Her wardrobe is strange.

Major: Linguistics

Yvonne Finche

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